Friday, June 21, 2013

Tim Kopec is on I'll Drink to That!

Have you listened to the Tim Kopec interview on the podcast yet? Well, have you? I can tell you that I've personally listened to it a few times at this point, and I was already there for the original. The man substantially helped define what we think of when we think of an "American Sommelier". He presided over one of the greatest change periods in the history of wine, and he's still on the go. He's a smart person who doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks, but who also goes out of his way to be fair. Why would you miss what he had say?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Robert Simonson is on I'll Drink to That!

"Like a lot of these waves, it has a peak, a real high peak right away, the moment it gets on the market everyone is excited about it. And then you find out exactly how much people want this...and then there is a rollback...and then you find out what's going to survive."

Robert Simonson of The New York Times talks about the marketplace for spirits, today on the podcast.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Isabella Oddero Drinks to That! for Episode 100

The charming Isabella Oddero offers up a primer on the history and future of Barolo for the centennial release of the podcast today. Listen in.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lots of good folks have been on I'll Drink to That!

Michael Feuerstein of Selection Pas Mal.

Have you checked in with the podcast recently? Lots of good talks have gone up. Most recently, Michael Feuerstein chatted about escaping from the duck press and finding triumph with Pavelot. That's episode 99 (can you believe it? 99 episodes. In a few days it will have been a year.) Also up lately have been interviews with the fabulous Katell Pleven, who turned to wine after As the World Turns, David Chapel, straight from working the vineyards at Lapierre, and Nick Bumstead, who will help you to easily find a better meal over at Find. Eat. Drink. So some good stuff. Check those episodes out as the show gears up for the 100th release. As always, you can find the show on iTunes, on Stitcher, or on the dedicated website.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Back from Burgundy

Sorry I was away for a bit there. I had to see about some crus. Back now, though. Will share stories soon. My thanks to you for your patience, and to JL for the above pic.