Monday, August 12, 2013

A Visit to Hatzidakis

A friend asked me to post the pictures from my recent trip to the Hatzidakis winery. I wish I had time to flesh this out with words, but I don't. Here are the pics.


Unknown said...

Great pictures Levi, what do you think of him?

Love the guy, he is amazing. I'll be doing a dinner with Haridimos end of September beginning of October.

Never tasted the Cuvee 17, but have Cuvee 15 & the single vineyard Milos. Did you tried Mavrotragano 2009?

These amazing vinos has potential to age for at least a decade. haridimos is an amazing producer who respects its land, the grapes and Santorini's history.

He produces human wines!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Picture #6 is the best. picture. EVER!

Alfonso Cevola said...

Man, looks just like Pantelleria, the vines and the terrain.

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! One of my favourite winemakers anywhere - pure genius. His wines are entirely sui generis.