Monday, November 25, 2013

My Number 1 Thanksgiving Pairing Suggestion

What should you be drinking this Thanksgiving? My #1 suggestion would be Sauternes with your pie. Seriously. Sauternes. It is grossly undervalued in the market right now. You can pick up a half bottle of 1989 Rieussec at retail today, in New York, for $59. Fifty nine dollars. That is ridiculous. Rieussec is a top producer. 1989 was a superb year. That wine is killer, AND SO GOOD WITH PIE. You will never have more people around you eating pie than on Thursday. Apple pie, pumpkin pie: they go great with Sauternes. And definitely the kind of pies that people make at home, which are never as sweet as the commercial examples. This is the moment to open up that bottle of Sauternes you can never find a moment to open up. Especially if it is a 750ml. What better opportunity will you ever have to open up a full bottle of Sauternes than on Thanksgiving? There will be tons of people around you, they will all be stuffed with plenty of food, and they will all be eating pie at the same moment. Bingo. Sauternes.

I'm serious. Check the numbers. It isn't just Rieussec. It isn't just 1989 halves. Sauternes may be the second most undervalued wine on the planet right now (after Sherry). Sauternes with age is practically being given away in the auction market today. Why not raise up your hand and get some, and while you are at it, you should also plan on slicing yourself a bigger piece of pie.

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