Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Visit to Boutari on Santorini

A stone path outside of the Boutari facility reminded me in its colors of the soil that you often see in the vineyards of Santorini, the gray and white rocks.

And indeed there is a Boutari owned vineyard right on the other side of that pathway.

Underneath a cover of leaves I found a grouping of snails attached to a vine.

Here was not a new vine, but an old root system where the traditional basket weave above ground had, after many years, been removed. Snipped away. Eventually this will again be shaped into a basket, a new basket. This regeneration of baskets happens every 100 years or so, give or take a decade or two.

The sun shown brightly upon a different set of baskets, stacked up against the wall.

But inside the cellar it was much darker.

This is one of six facilities that Boutari operates in Greece. There are also Boutari operations in Naoussa and Crete, amongst other locations.

These tanks give you a sense of the scale that can be produced here. The Santorini white from Boutari does not see oak aging.

There are other wines made here that do see oak, however, such as this sweet wine made from the red Mandilaria.

Boutari has been operating on Santorini since the mid-1980s.  They currently own around 6 hectares of vines on the island.

A new label adorns the 2012 Santorini release.

The 2011 sported the old label, as well as more waxy developed tones than the 2012. It also had a lengthy finish, and before that, hints of fennel seed on the palate. Christina Boutari, who looks after the winery in Santorini, said she feels that the 2011 vintage was a great year for the wines from the island.

There is a full complement of other wines produced here, from whites aged in oak, to Vinsanto, to the aforementioned red sweet wine.

After the tasting we headed to the restaurant Selene for lunch.

It was a sun dappled meal on the terrace.

With plenty of food for everybody.

And again the colors of Greece were noticeable. But this time it was the blue and white, instead of the gray.

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