Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Wine Advice for Valentine's Day

     Afterwards Rachel asked me not to say that we had “dated,” but I did take her out for dinner one singular time, to a popular place that was in vogue at that moment, and what went wrong is that the server handed me the wine list. Which normally, for most tables and for most servers, probably isn’t an issue, but for me a wine list wraps around my interest level like cold spaghetti noodles wrap around each other after you cook them and leave them in the fridge for awhile: there is quite the tangle to unwind. Some time passed as I flipped through the pages. “Oh, look they have this” and “Oh, look they have that,” but what Rachel looked was uncomfortable. What she said was “I wish I could be as interesting to you as a wine list,” but it was loud in there and what I thought she said was “I wish I could be as interested as you in a wine list,” which maybe I didn’t seem to answer in the best way possible when I said to Rachel, who was an aspiring student of wine, “Oh, you probably will be one day.”
     Beyond my own personal tragedy the other Valentine’s disaster that stays in my mind is the evening at Convivio where a lady at one of the two tops became so frustrated with her companion that she flung the contents of her water glass at him, only to have him turn so far out of the way that the entire liquid stream landed on a gentleman sitting behind him. An unfortunate situation! As we service types were patting down the unintended victim the original assailant stormed out of the dining room in the direction of the front door. But when she got around the corner she paused and took up residence at the bar, waiting for her man to run after her: sure proof that what she really wanted was more attention.
     With this in mind I’d suggest that the best Valentine’s pairing is listening to your date, and not worrying too much about the wine.  If that doesn't work, then Champagne.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Betts to Podcast: "I'll Drink to That!"

Richard Betts, who is the foreground of the surreal de Chirico/Man Ray in color image with the Laughing Lady/Blimp Sized Ballon Flute/Disneyland themed arch shown above, is on the podcast today for the beginning of not one but two up close and personal interviews. Sure you could miss two guys who have been in the business awhile talking about what it was to get in it, but why would you? There is some real stuff on the audio. The kind maybe you don't always share with everybody. And more to come on Friday.

Oh, and hey, so Friday happened and track 2 of the Betts conversation is ready to go on the site and on iTunes. If you were waiting for the Orange wine talk, it's in there.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'll Drink to Piemonte!

Two very amazing people contributed to today's I'll Drink to That! release, both vintners in the Piemonte, and listening to them again I felt like I was right back in their cellars for the harvest. It was an impressive lineup of visits that I got to make in late 2012, we stopped by several of my favorite winery addresses, and I am very happy that I can share more of that with you now. On the podcast today Marta Rinaldi of the Giuseppe Rinaldi winery discusses working with her dad, how she would serve a bottle of her own family's wine, and the particularities of the Brunate cru.

Then, as an accompaniment to today's release there is also a wonderful chat with Fabio Alessandria of the G.B. Burlotto winery, a man who is as erudite as he is friendly. Fabio talked about local grape varieties like Freisa and Pelaverga, offered his own view on the style of Cannubi, and divulged his own desires for his winemaking in the future. It was a very thoughtful and from the heart discussion that I was lucky to be a part of. And now you can be a part of that discussion too. Check out today's release of the show on the dedicated website, on iTunes, or on Stitcher if you are are Droid user.

These are incredible people making some of my most loved wines. I do hope that you give them a listen.