Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vallana Vimeo

One of the old cement fermentation tanks at Cantine Vallana

Earlier this year the Rare Wine Co. assembled a vast vertical of Vallana wines old as well as new and I was lucky enough to be there for the dinner. It was an impressive evening on several counts, with good food, people, and of course wine. I also learned a lot, which information I'll be happy to share with you at, err, uh, some point in the future. Things have been perhaps a mite touch WILDLY OVER THE TOP WHOAH TOO BUSY lately to get my notes down in type, unfortunately. But the folks at Rare Wine Co. (what up, Paul!) recently released a nicely edited video recapping the evening and you might check it out if you have an interest. Vallana is wholly its own, in the sense that there isn't something else like it, and those are the landmarks of wine that interest me most. Maybe you too.

Bianca Miraglia is on I'll Drink to That!

Bianca Miraglia from Uncouth Vermouth is the latest guest on the podcast. It's a good listen and you should check her interview out if you haven't already (definitely a lot of you already have). Bianca might mix drinks, but she doesn't mince words.

Pet-Nat coming at you!

It's been a happy summer, folks. Lots (lots!) of cool wine has come around the drinking curve to my hanging wide open gaping mouth and that's been just fine with me. But I've just received word that things will soon be even better, with the imminent return of the Pet-Nat big bubble blowout week over at Vine Wine. Last year there was all kinds of good stuff open at Pet-Nat HQ, otherwise known as the Vine Wine wine shop located at 616 Lorimer Street in Brooklyn. And this year they are doing it all over again. Of course the tastings are free for you and me. So you should stop by Vine and put some vivace in your day.

Below you'll find the deets, straight from the Vine folks. I was absolutely paid thousands and thousands of dollars to prepare this notice for the blog, and everything below was definitely vetted at several levels by an expert team of veteran copywriters, so of course there is no possibility that any of the info below will be in error or subject to change. But if it is or it does, sorry in advance.

Pet-Nat is a nickname for petillant naturel, a method of producing sparkling wine by bottling the wine during the the primary, alcoholic fermentation to capture the carbon dioxide that is naturally released. This differs from wines like Champagne that undergo a second, bubble-producing fermentation. Pet-Nats are made using only the sugar of the grapes and native yeasts, making them a pure reflection of their regions and varieties. But, most important for us, they just taste great, varying from dry and cider-y to happy, alcoholic raspberry soda. To celebrate this summery bubbly, Vine Wine is hosting a week of complimentary in-store tastings highlighting a range of Pet-Nats.

Tasting Schedule

Wednesday, July 10, 6-9pm
Selection Massale: Les Capriades Piege a Filles magnum; Quastana Buena Onda
Thursday, July 11, 6-9pm
Bowler: Casa Coste Piane Prosecco Frizzante Naturalmente, Lemasson Pow Blop Whizz; Texier Rouletabulle
Friday, July 12, 6-9pm
Jenny and Francois: Grange Tiphaine Rosa Rose Rosam; Grange Tiphane Nouveau Nez; Plageoles Mauzac Nature
Saturday, July 13, 3-6pm 
Louis Dressner: Tedeschi Pignoletto, Donati Malvasia Dolce, Ca de Noce Sottobosco
Sunday, July 14, 3-6pm 
California Pet-Nat: Salinia 25 Reasons; Donkey and Goat Lily's Cuvee

Dress Natty. Drink Pet-Natty.